E-Mobility: The road to future-proof charging

We are at the forefront of an e-mobility EVolution. But how to prepare your company to a future proof all electric transition? This e-book will uncover how to achieve scalable solutions for a smooth transition!

BePowered E-Book E-mobility

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Full speed ahead towards EV

BePowered developed a charging ecosystem that supports all actors in your e-mobility electricity value chain. A complete solution for your companies charging needs: smart, scalable, and adaptable.

Energy cost saving

Lower system and energy costs due to a cost-efficient and well-balanced charging approach.

Green Charging

Charge your car or fleet with your own direct or stored solar energy power. 

Faster charging

We measure on-site consumption and adapt the charging power accordingly.

Whatever your drive may be, take the leap, be part of the (necessary) change and we promise to make the transition as smooth and easy as possible!


Making e-mobility fit into your company

2030, the definitive year when it comes to climate change.  Actions are required right now to EVolve towards the desired, and most of all needed, future.

The exponential rise in the implementation of e-mobility, brings new challenges and exposes current difficulties of our energy grids. In order to ride more electric, one of the first points of action needs to be the growth in the amount of available charging points.

A transition towards e-mobility goes hand in hand with a transition towards renewable energy and energy management. As an answer to this ever-growing issue, BePowered makes it its core business to present solutions.

Time to start preparing for this rEVolution!

EV’s are booming

In 2030, almost 80% of new sold vehicles will be electric.


Need for expensive infrastructure and extra energy.


Capacity issues

Using traditional grid will cause issues with capacity and stability.

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e-Mobility at BePowered: heading towards the energy transition!

Enough chitchat because the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, let’s illustrate our BePowered strategy for e-mobility.

BePowered E-Book E-mobility
Advanced energy management solutions to capture and use your energy.

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