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Grid control

BePowered Ecosystem - Innovative cloud-based energy management.


A cost-efficient and well-balanced grid use. 


Balance and adapt consumption to the capacity of your grid.


Spreads out peak demand and simultaneous use. 

BePowered stores your energy and offers innovative monitoring solutions


Today’s challenges

Electricity is a huge part of our private and professional day-to-day life, and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere. With the rise of awareness, and the urgency of climate change, electricity, and its alternative uses will only be more prominent in the future.

However, making everything electric brings a lot of challenge as well. Imagine an entire office building charging its EV’s at the same time, or an entire apartment complex fully living on electricity simultaneously? An overload of activities can put immense stress on your electric grid. With the electrification of our practices, issues with capacity, stability, security, and efficiency are becoming very real.

Expensive upgrade

Need for expensive infrastructure and extra energy.

Issues with capacity

Using traditional grid will cause issues with capacity and stability.

Simultaneous use

Overload of use  causes stress on your electricity net. 

Uncontrolled charging is becoming a real challenge and bringing a lot of stress on the current grid. What are the possibilities then?

Feel empowered, BePowered

No more stress on your grid

With the BePowered Grid Manager, we ensure that the current public electricity grid, as well as your own grid, can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. By avoiding excessive simultaneous use of the grid and managing the peak load moments, to a more consistent and spread-out use, the capacity of your current grid gets protected.

Seeing we all live and work during the same hours having a grid manager avoids traffic on your grid and spreads out peak load moments. BePowered offers a complete solution for smart and capable electricity grids.

BePowered Innovative Monitoring application

Feel empowered, BePowered

Your benefits

Drivers of the energy transition. Understand, optimize and master all your (renewable) energy flows. At home, at work, at industry! 

Minimal investment

Lower infrastructural costs due to the minimal placement impact. 


Minimize simultaneous use and prevent excessive traffic on the grid.

Local & global needs

Every meter connected to a central connection point.

Master your energy.
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Advanced energy management solutions to monitor, balance and use your energy.