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Energy storage

BePowered Ecosystem - Innovative cloud-based energy management.


Maximize renewable energy consumption. 


Provide extra peak power or lower peak load. 


Silent hassle-free backup power. 

Energy Monitoring and Storage by BePowered


Today’s challenges

The transition to all electric, low carbon future puts a lot of stress on the existing grid. Smart solutions are required to keep the balance in the intermittent renewable generation and variable electricity consumption. Worldwide are existing and upcoming regulation & tariffs stimulating lowering the stress on the grid by incentives (or sanctions)

That is exactly where BePowered comes into play. We regulates supply and demand, as it were.


Electricity demand will increase drastically.


Flexibility is key when making energy use run smoothly.


Create your optimum by regulating supply and demand. 

BePowered Energy Storage Systems results in the economic optimal charge and discharge strategies.

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Optimised battery storage

To unify the diversity of battery storage we segregate business logic from brand specific control logic.

Based on significant experience, we have developed an Energy Storage Controller as a C&I solution. It forms the nervous system of your Battery Energy storage solution (BESS), independently connects multiple brands and controls all active parts of the BESS. (e.g. battery inverter, bms battery pack, meters, synchronizer,…)

BePowered innovative energy management application
Monitor your Energy at home with BePowered monitoring solutions
Bepowered offers innovative energy monitoring for industrial companies

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EMS as a Brain

Your Energy Management System acts as the brain. It handles the advanced business logic of the Battery Energy Storage System and results in the economic optimal charge and discharge strategies.

We offer fast integration of new brands thanks to the layered architecture. The energy storage controller can be provide with setpoints by ours of 3th party EMS. The choice is yours!

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Your benefits

Drivers of the energy transition. Understand, optimize and master all your (renewable) energy flows. At home, at work at industry! 


Increased local consumption of renewable energy lowers stress on the grid.



Together we can balance supply and demand of (intermittent renewable) energy on the transmission grid.


Local optimization on collective level grid support. See it as avoiding traffic jams on the outward and return journey on the distibution grid.

Master your energy.
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Advanced energy management solutions to monitor, balance and use your energy.