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The problem today

Many companies look only at the cheapest price per kWh offered. Far too often, however, they forget to look at the energy efficiency of their own production process.  Knowing the energy cost per product output, helps your company with a better pricing of the end product and an efficient follow-up of the production process. 

Price per kWh

Many companies only take the cheapest price per kWh into account.

Energy efficiency

What is the energy efficiency of your production processes.


Need for price optimisation and efficiency follow-up.

BePowered Monitoring provides you with insights into the efficiency level by means of KPIs

Feel empowered, BePowered

BePowered, expert in your energy efficiency

BePowered provides you with insights into the efficiency level by means of KPIs. Collecting data is crucial to optimise your machine park. It is only with data that the correct payback period for further investments can be calculated.  

Our financial calculator gives you insights into the cost and helps you make sharper offers.  The operational manager also has a reference figure that can be optimized.  If your company uses solar panels, we can also map out the actual energy cost of your company. 

Energy Storage and Grid Management by BePowered
Industrial Energy Monitoring and Storage by BePowered

Feel empowered, BePowered

Everything connected

We connect the data from your machine park to the Internet on the BePowered Cloud-platform.  This way, you can access all your data anytime, anywhere.

Find out everything about possible malfunctions, incorrect settings on your machines, the energy cost per product output, your slumber consumption, etc.

Feel empowered, BePowered

Your benefits

Drivers of the energy transition. Understand, optimize and master all your (renewable) energy flows. At home, at work, at industry! 



Display the activity of your machinery, the energy efficiency, renewable energy yields and energy cost is per product output.


Immediate insight into deviations, malfunctions, your standby consumption and possible wrong settings on certain machines. 



Prioritise the components yourself and how you want to be alarmed. Whether this is via SMS or e-mail. 


Always up to date and a clear annual report. Make maintenance forecasts and optimise progress files.

Master your energy.
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