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Today’s challenges

Refueling your car, heating and cooling your home or buildings…they are all shifting to electric. These factors will drastically increase electricity demand and increase simultaneity of use, locally and on distribution grid level.

All these new activities behind your meter are making it more complex to keep track of the performance of your system. Division into energy used for mobility, heating & cooling, home/work is the only way out.


Electricity demand will drastically increase in upcoming years.


Its complex to track system performance and keep control.


How to manage production, storage and consumption?

Self-management and control of all your energy. At home, at work and at industry

At home and at work

Self management of your energy

We facilitate the transition to an all electric, low carbon future. Produce, store, consume your energy at the best moment. At home, at work, at industry. The energy manager activates the right assets in the correct amount at the best moment. Connect smart meter, sub meter/solar, EV chargers, energy storage, SG ready heat pump or building management system. Our energy manager will do the rest!  

Not all devices on the same location? Connect all devices wireless to your gateway. No need for pulling cable or drilling. Connect to your wifi and self configuration will do the rest!

BePowered Innovative Monitoring application
Innovative Energy Management systems by BePowered
Bepowered offers innovative energy monitoring for industrial companies

At industry

Operational insights at a glance

Manage the operational status and energy consumption of your large consumers.We connect your new and legacy machinery via industry trusted PLC solutions or via your management system.

Your manufacturing machinery will provide management insights at a glance of the information they need:

  • machinery status for maintenance 
  • energy cost per product output for post calculation
  • machinery efficiency for engineering 

Feel empowered, BePowered

Your benefits

Drivers of the energy transition. Understand, optimize and master all your (renewable) energy flows. At home, at work, at industry! 

Energy cost saving

Increased self-consumption and avoid reinforcement of your grid connection.


Maximum the use of your own renewable energy sources (solar, wind, heat pumps…).


Avoid overloads behind your meter by active monitoring of your main fuse. 

Master your energy.
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Advanced energy management solutions to monitor, balance and use your energy.