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BePowered Ecosystem - Innovative cloud-based energy management. Always real-time captation, use and control of your (renewable) energy, adjusted to your needs in terms of sustainability, cost and comfort.

Innovative energy management solutions by BePowered

The BePowered Ecosystem

BePowered starts where traditional energy management stops.

Our Energy Cloud monitors all your available (renewable) energy sources and loads.
We forecast and balance energy demand and supply, manage energy flexibility, create a personal optimum and avoid overload on the network. 
Accelerators of the new energy era!

BePowered Energy Management Ecosystem
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BePowered Energy Management Ecosystem


Control your energy

An energy management ecosystem to monitor and balance your local energy production, storage and demand. Distributed as smart as possible. Mastered with total flexibility. Independent, but connected.  

Energy Manager

Produce, store, consume your energy at the best moment. 24/7 insights and in charge of your energy at work or at home, with one touch. Connect your smart meter, sub meter/solar, EV chargers, energy storage, SG ready heat pump or building management system. Our energy manager will do the rest!  

24/7 insights

Web application

Easy to use

BePowered monitoring solutions for companies and homes
Innovative energy applications by BePowered
BePowered Charging illustration
EV Charging by BePowered

EV Charging

Maximize charging comfort by dynamic load balancing. All your energy safely balanced between your EV charging stations and other side loads with optimal use of renewable energy.

Load balancing

Faster charging


Capture and manage your (renewable) energy. Tailored to your needs in terms of comfort, sustainability and budget. Always real-time control and monitoring. At home, at work and at industry.

Energy Storage

Store your surplus renewable energy to be utilized later. From your solar arrays or electric grid, always available energy to provide to your business when needed.




Innovative Energy Storage by BePowered
Energy Storage and Grid Management by BePowered
Energy storage and monitoring by BePowered

Grid control

The integration of new technologies, like heat pumps and electric vehicles, brings increases in peak electricity demand which may not be met by intermittent supply or the local capacity of the grid. 





To measure is to know. Automatic control and alerts based on 24/7 insights to keep pace with your energy resources and loads in the changing environment of energy regulation and energy prizes.

24/7 insights



BePowered Energy Monitoring and Storage for companies
Monitor your Energy at home with BePowered monitoring solutions

Master your energy.
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Advanced energy management solutions to monitor, balance and use your energy.