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Real-time control & monitoring of your energy

Capture and manage your (renewable) energy. Tailored to your needs in terms of comfort, sustainability and budget. Always real-time control and monitoring. At work, at home, at industry.

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BePowered Innovative Energy Management Solutions
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Increase energy use efficiency and save costs

Produce, store and consume electricity at the best moment. Solar inverters, charging stations, battery storage systems, heat pumps…we manage them all.
We combine status and energy monitoring to match your specific needs.  All energy distributed as smart as possible. 


You are the driver of the energy transition. Sustainable and self-sufficient


Create your energy optimum.  Master with total flexibility. Independent, but connected

Cost efficient

Optimize behind the meter and save on energy bill and avoid infrastructural costs


Transition to sustainable and self-sufficient

The integration of new technologies will increase peaks in electricity demand which may not be met by intermittent supply or local grid capacity.

BePowered facilitates the transition to an all electric, low carbon future. We manage your electricity production and consumption to buffer your renewable energy and to flatten  energy use peaks. Causing less dependency on the traditional power grid. 

Your building management system, 24/7 industry monitoring or a lightweight version for your everyday household. We monitor them and achieve cost effectiveness in your energy value chain! 

EV Charging solutions by BePowered at work and at home
Innovative Energy Management systems by BePowered
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BePowered innovative energy management application

Self-management of Energy

Facilitate the alignment of consumption with local energy production.

Use load management or energy storage to manage peaks of simultaneity use of electricity.

Building management, 24/7 industry monitoring or a lightweight version for your everyday household.


We believe that companies and consumers are the drivers of the energy transition. Sustainable and self-sufficient. We empower and bring peace of mind.

Master your energy.
From A to Z. Start today.

Advanced energy management solutions to monitor, balance and use your energy.

BePowered E-Book E-mobility


E-Mobility: The road to future-proof charging

We are at the forefront of an e-mobility EVolution. But how to prepare your company to a future proof all electric transition? This e-book will uncover how to achieve scalable solutions for a smooth transition!