Our grid manager is the digital savior for holiday parks

Holiday parks are like a small village. The difference is that in a village, the grid operator is responsible for the distribution grid, while in holiday parks the manager himself is responsible.

Imagine: you rent a cottage in a holiday park with your family. After a day at the beach, the car needs to be charged at a charging station. In the meantime, you cook electrically and turn on the air conditioning. One of the children takes a shower, while the other jumps into the jacuzzi. These are small actions in themselves, which we hardly think about when doing them, but they do result in an enormously high electricity consumption. Imagine this 100-200 times! The electricity grid cannot cope. What is the result? The jacuzzi switches off, the car doesn’t charge, cooking stops… Panic! This is simply a classic (unexpected) overload. 

How do you arrange this in a holiday park, district, or town? 

The future of your energy network  

It does not look like our energy consumption will decrease, on the contrary. Just think of the increasing importance of energy storage, cooling, local production from sun or wind, etc. Our current infrastructure is not at all prepared for this electric future.

This is where the BePowered Grid Manager comes in to play!   

BePowered Grid Manager in Holiday Park

Together with the Dutch company Van Hees Infra Techniek, a true specialist in total solutions for underground infrastructure and recreation technology, BePowered offers a solution for the changing energy needs of holiday parks. Within “Crossroads 2 Sustainable Energy”, part of the European programme Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland, the project “Energy needs holiday parks reconsidered” was born. Because where there is opportunity for sustainability and change, we like to be part of the answer!

The BePowered Grid Manager monitors the energy network and automatically feeds back the best moment of consumption to the electrical consumers. 

BePowered energie oplossingen vakantieparken

How grid managers can help you

The first BePowered Grid Managers are currently getting to know the power grid in a field test at Linberg Park in the Netherlands. 

BePowered’s Grid Manager can equip holiday parks with a solution that will adapt intelligently to the needs of vacationers.

This way, we deliver sustainable values that support both customer satisfaction and energy efficiency!

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