CO₂ and cost savings with battery storage and solar generation

Despite making progress in electricity distribution over the years, India still faces challenges to meet its growing demand for power and reliable supply still remains low in the country. Industries and businesses produce their own captive power from coal or small diesel generators. The power distortions have major financial and efficiency implications and affect health and environment from excessive fuel-based emissions.

Toll plazas are legion in India. Toll plaza congestion is chronic and gridlock rules. These plazas consume a lot of power and power disruptions obviously don’t help.

Enter BePowered

BePowered builds battery applications and develops tailor made Energy ManagementSystems for battery applications, as small as a stand-alone peak shave application or as big as a battery swarm for congestion management on DSO level.

In a nutshell, at the toll plaza, BePowered’s solar panels stock energy in a 100KWh battery and keep the toll plaza going during power outages. As the plaza’s consume around 60KW continuously, when the solar powered battery risks depletion, an automated back-up system instructs a diesel generator to take the relay.

Moreover, BePowered’s solution eliminates toll plaza downtime gridlock and minimizes the use of diesel generators lowering carbon footprint.

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