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For smart EV infrastructure and worry free charging.


Smart software for energy management


Dynamic load balancing to avoid peak loads


A cost-efficient and well-balanced charging approach

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Today’s challenges

In 2030, almost 80% of new sold vehicles will be electric. An evolution we applaud to! This booming EV fleet requires an enormous expansion of your company’s available charging infrastructure.

Uncontrolled charging brings a lot of stress to your grid connection (main fuse) and on the public distribution grid in general since they are not designed to facilitate these long simultaneous peak load moments. 

The result? Without a smart approach, Expensive infrastructure upgrade and enforcement of your grid connection are needed.

EV’s are booming

In 2030, almost 80% of new sold vehicles will be electric.


Need for expensive infrastructure and extra energy.


Capacity issues

Using traditional grid will cause issues with capacity and stability.

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The road to future-proof charging

We are at the forefront of an e-mobility EVolution. But how to prepare your company to a future proof all electric transition? This e-book will uncover how to achieve scalable solutions for a smooth transition!

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Modular and scalable

Our charging ecosystem supports all actors in your e-mobility electricity value chain. Ranging from charge controllers, dynamic load balancing, grid controllers to smart logging. Combined with our smart IoT hardware and connected to the BePowered Energy Ecosystem.

The complete solution for smart and scalable charging, adapted to your charging needs.

BePowered energy management solutions
Innovative Energy Management systems by BePowered
Charge your electric car with BePowered solutions

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Save costs and drive the energy transition

Monitor and balance your local energy production, storage and demand and maximize the consumption of your generated renewable energy.

Lower your energy costs due to a cost-efficient and well-balanced charging approach. Get control and drive the energy transition!

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Your benefits

Drivers of the energy transition. Understand, optimize and master all your (renewable) energy flows. At home, at work at industry!

Energy cost saving

Lower system and energy costs due to a cost-efficient and well-balanced charging approach.

Green Charging

Charge your car or fleet with your own direct or stored solar energy power. 

Faster charging

We measure on-site consumption and adapt the charging power accordingly.

Master your energy.
From A to Z. Start today.

Advanced energy management solutions to monitor, balance and use your energy.